Mirai AMA - Teaching "Financial Literacy" in a P2E Game? What's the Future?

https://miraiverse.com - "Mirai Universe will be an adventure multiplayer game, whose economy will be powered by the $MUNI token. The main in-game activities include: discovering the world, fighting various monsters, fighting other players, and forming amazing communities & friendships.

As we see it, we are at a turning point in the gaming industry. The current technology allows players to become investors through owning NFT's. They have the opportunity to trade and own collectible assets, many of which have a great value that will only increase over the years, thus resulting in quite the investment portfolio.

More than that, we will introduce as many real-life economic principles into the game from the creation of assets that you could sell to the ability to own ingame land. Trading, selling, and creating value will be at the core of the game, therefore allowing you to own your own business and income sources." (lifted from Mirai website)

Mirai Documentation: https://miraiverse.com/assets/documentation.pdf
MY FIRST MIRAI REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6uARiQGa_8

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