MIR4 Clan Management Basic Guide (Tagalog)

Sign up to Gateio Exchange
➡️Gate.io Exchange➡️ https://www.gate.io/signup/6051708 (Available in the Philippines).
➡️Process on how to Cash out your Darksteel ➡️
Make sure you got lvl 40
1. Swap your Dark Steel Token to Draco Token
2. link your wemix wallet to MIR4 Game.
3. Copy your wemix address and paste i to your MIR4 game address.
4. Go to your WEMIX wallet and see your balance
5. Once you see your Draco token in your wemix wallet sell it to get wemix credit.
6. Swap your wemix credit to wemix token (ratio 1:1)
7. Send your wemix token to Gate.io or Biki Exchange.
10. Sell your wemix token to usd
11. use your usd to buy XRP (Ripple) for low fee
12. send your XRP to local exchanges like Coins.ph to convert it to cash.
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Wemix official website ➡️https://wemixnetwork.com/
DRACO official website ➡️ https://www.mir4draco.com
MIR4-Download now! ➡️ https://bit.ly/3sJJlUq
Official Website ➡️ https://mir4Global.com
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