Mineral County Montana Candidate Forum, Superior, May 4, 2022

Mineral County Montana Candidate Forum held at Superior High School on May 4, 2022. Sponsored by Mineral County Chamber of Commerce and the St. Regis Community Association.
Candidates for Sheriff:
Wayne Cashman, Ryan Funke, Gretchen Webb
Candidates for Treasurer: Jill Betts, Merry Mueller
Candidates for House District 14: Denley Loge, Randy Mitchell (not present)
00:00:15 Jackie Callison introduction
00:03:06 Drew Hanson, Moderator
00:06:38 Ryan Funke, Sheriff candidate, bio
00:12:31 Wayne Cashman, Sheriff candidate, bio
00:18:08 Gretchen Webb, Sheriff candidate, bio
00:26:27 Reason you are running: Funke
00:29:19 Reason you are running: Cashman
00:32:44 Reason you are running: Webb
00:36;32 Community involvement: Funke
00:41:01 Community involvement: Cashman
00:41:54 Community involvement: Webb
00:46:35 Problems/Solutions: Funke
00:47:42 Problems/Solutions: Cashman
00:50:53 Problems/Solutions: Webb
00:53:57 Intro Treasurer's race, Hanson
00:54:18 Merry Mueller, candidate. Bio
00:58:34 Jill Betts, candidate. Bio and questions
01:08:48 Merry Mueller questions
01:13:03 Denley Loge, HD 14 candidate bio
01:16:55 Reason you are running: Loge
01:20:05 Community involvement: Loge
01:24:14 Problems/Solutions: Loge
01:28:41 Roman Zylawy, East End Commissioner, unopposed
01:32:55 Kim Taron, Justice of the Peace, unopposed
01:34:43 Debbie Jackson, County Attorney, unopposed
01:39:29 Sheriff: Expand on administrative experience: Funke
01:40:52 Sheriff: Expand on administrative experience: Cashman
01:42:25 Sheriff: Expand on administrative experience: Webb
01:44:39 Sheriff: Response to domestic/sexual violence: Webb
01:46:26 Sheriff: Response to domestic/sexual violence: Cashman
01:48;17 Sheriff: Response to domestic/sexual violence: Funke
01:50:03 Sheriff: Training, professional advancement: Funke
01:51:42 Sheriff: Training, professional advancement: Cashman
01:53:26 Sheriff: Training, professional advancement: Webb
01:55:35 Treasurer summary: Jill Betts
01:56:29 Treasurer summary: Merry Mueller
01:56:29 HD 14: Wildlife fence along interstate: Loge
01:57:05 Close
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