Mind Management for Life Management || Pravrajika Divyanandaprana || VYLC'23

Mind management is the key to a happy and fulfilling life. Especially it becomes important for today's youth who are busy with a myriad of things and finding it challenging to control the mind amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In these situations science of mind management becomes quite relevant.
About the speaker:

Pravrajika Divyanandaprana is a monastic member of Ramakrishna Sarada Math and currently Editor of the English journal Samvit published from New Delhi. A gold medallist and topper, Pravrajika Divyanandaprana has the unique combination of knowledge in the conventional sciences, and traditional Yogic and Vedantic texts. She has been lecturing all over India since 2010, including IIT-Madras, IIT-Delhi , IIT-Kharagpur, IIT-Mumbai, IIT Kanpur, IISC Bangalore, Delhi University. Internationally he has spoken at Imperial College and Logan Hall, London University among other places in Cape Town, Durban, Ireland, Canada, Toronto, Ottawa, UAE, Washington DC and so on. She has authored the books 'Science of Happiness' and 'Self Discovery ' available on Amazon.in . More details can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/pravrajika-divyanandaprana-a7368a1b8/

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