Middle East & North Africa I Skills - Dialogues on the Future of Work in the Global South

This event was held the 25th ofJuly via Zoom in partnership with the Economic Research Forum (ERF).

The story of technological innovation and employment in the Global South escapes the global narrative on the Future of Work: lags in technology adoption, failures in skills development systems, precarious working conditions, and relative economic stagnation. The challenge, then, is to detect the structural factors that matter for the future of work in the Global South and assess whether these factors add diversity and context to the prevailing narrative.

Five elements become essential for constructing a true FoW narrative in Latin America: Skills, Technology, Labor Market Institutions, Demography, and Inequality.

To what extent the early-childhood, formal education, and adult learning systems in the region successfully achieve learning in general and skill formation relevant to the future in particular?

This roundtable is part of the “Dialogues of the Future of Work of the Global South”, a series of 24 dialogues that will bring together more than 75 experts from the Global South from academia and civil society to join the discussions and contribute with heterogeneous perspectives on the future of work.

Learn more about the FoWiGS initiative here: https://fowigs.net/
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