Microsoft task apps: Loop vs To Do vs Outlook vs Planner vs Teams

Microsoft 365 has so many task apps, some team-based apps Planner & Loop's task component are good for working with people whereas OneNote is great for "As the go" tasks and To Do & Outlook are meant for personal tasks.

Often task apps can do too much but the core stuff they do inefficiently. From my experience: Very few tasks have actual due dates and being able to multi-select tasks and perform an action are key. Multi-select and delay to get them off the list can only exist in one task app. I showcase all task apps bearing in mind ket criteria: Least clicks, the efficiency of views and the ability to showcase a subset of tasks (and not all tasks you sometimes have).

I don't cover Microsoft Project as it's not a free app. Still, if you want sophisticated project management with Gantt charts, dependent tasks and more flexibility this paid app may be worth considering. Instead, I cover all that is included within the core Office 365

0:00 Intro
1:21 Loop: As you go team tasks
2:48 OneNote: As you go personal tasks
4:14 To Do: Inefficient personal task list
6:58 Outlook task customisations
9:12 Planner: Long term team tasks
12:31 Tasks in Teams
15:32 Outlook task customisations
19:17 Conclusion
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