Microsoft Intune Suite - Deploying Apps, Updates & Managing Security!

In Part 2 of my 2 part series on Intune Suite, I take a look at deploying apps, updates and managing Intune’s Endpoint Security features. It’s so important to keep your skills up to date. Intune has certainly gone through a lot of changes recently and it’s super important to keep up to date. In addition to managing devices, profiles and licensing, all of which was covered in part 1. It’s super important to k ow how apps work and how and where to deploy them. In addition, security should always be at the forefront of one’;s mind and is a core component of Microsoft’s Zero Trust strategy. Finally ensuring that your operating system is updated is critical, so here I’ll discuss the benefits of Windows Update for Business and how to deploy updates.

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00:00 Introductions
01:11 Managing Software in Intune
04:21 Intune App Protection Policies
06:55 Intune App Configuration Policies
11:09 Intune Policy Sets
13:52 Endpoint Security - Baseline Security Policies
18:27 Endpoint Security Settings
24:45 Managing OS Updates & More
32:25 Session Conclusions and next steps
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