Microsoft Azure Master Class Part 3 - Governance

In this 3rd part of the Azure Master Class we look at key aspects of governance including management groups, subscriptions, resource groups and how we use them. Large focus on RBAC, Azure Policy and budgets and then an examination of Tags, Azure Blueprints, Locks and some key Microsoft resources.

YouTube Playlist for the whole course -

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Key links from module:

00:00 Introduction
08:05 Microsoft Compliance Solutions
10:53 Management Groups
17:50 Subscriptions
19:50 Resource Groups
23:00 RBAC, Policy and Budget assignment points
29:18 ARM Overview
33:46 RBAC
47:10 Azure Policy
1:01:25 Cost Management and Budgets
1:12:18 Naming Standards
1:13:25 Tagging
1:17:00 Blueprints
1:25:08 Azure Resource Graph

Useful links mentioned:
The compliance overview site is -
A detailed list is available at-
Compliance Manager -
Azure Subscription Limits -
Azure Naming Standards -
Cloud Adoption Framework -
Well-Architected Framework -
Azure Architecture Center -
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