Microsoft 365 Compliance: Information Protection, Governance & Records Management for SEC-17a.

I am excited to share my video from my recent speaking event for The Power Community. I will be going through how Microsoft 365 Compliance can assist your organisation to comply with SEC-17a with Information Governance & Records Management. Consequently, you can watch my Top 5 Way's M365 Compliance Can Assist Your Financial Organisation with SEC 17a-4 Regulation, all in 30 mins!

Technical Level: 100

Agenda: –

1. Create Custom Audit Logging Retentions
- Extending Audit Logs

2. Sensitivity Labelling to Protect Financial Data
- Auto-Labelling Client-Side
- Auto-Labelling Service-Side

3. Enabling & Applying Records Management Retention, Disposition Reviews
- Records Labels
- Regulatory Labels (Immutability)
- Disposition Reviews

4. Auto-Apply Retention
- Retention Labels
- Records Labels

5. Preservation Lock
- Enabling
- Capabilities & Limitations
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