Micro-credentials Masterclass - Session 3: Good Practice System level Implementation of MCs

The Micro-Credentials Masterclass was an international gathering of thought leaders, practitioners, innovators and policymakers working to improve the flexibility and responsiveness of educational systems. The masterclass took place from March 20 to 23 at the Gran Hotel Rey Don Jaime in Castelldefels.

This video includes Session 3: Good Practice System level Implementation of Micro-Credentials, with the presentation made by Michael Sankay (Charles Darwin University) on “Slowly moving from strength to strength: Microcredentials Downunder”, Deirdre Harkin (Irish Universities Association and Trinity College Dublin) on “MicroCreds .... a framework for the future”, Paul den Hertog (SURF) on “The Dutch national approach to micro-credentials” and Florian Rampelt & Mike Bernd (AI Campus / Stifterverband) on Filling the (skills) gap: Micro-credentials and micro-degrees as an enabler for AI in higher education and further education in Germany.

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