Michael Oliver Says Silver's Long Consolidation is Over

Michael Oliver tells us his current outlook on the stock markets, commodities and precious metals. According to him, we are about to experience a fundamental shift in the markets. Michael is one of the best analysts out there and is definitely worth listening to. Please like share and subscribe if you appreciate this content.

Michael Oliver left his Wall Street career as a gold and silver broker at EF Hutton to start his own firm, which has been making prescient calls since 1992. Since then he has been Founder and Chief Analyst at Momentum Structural Analysis, LLC. You can follow Michael's work by subscribing to his services and following him on Twitter:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Oliver_MSA

With Michael's inter-market analysis philosophy (something I share with him) we cover a lot in this video. If you enjoyed this video and think it will be valuable to others, please like, share and subscribe.

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