Michael Jai White on 2Pac, Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock & Will Smith, Tyson, Mayweather (Full Interview)

In this full-length interview, Michael Jai White previews one of his latest ventures, an app called "DOJO by Michael Jai." The action film star explains that he created the app because people constantly approached him about giving them martial arts lessons. He then states that you can download it at the app store. From there, Michael and DJ Vlad assess the controversial ending to the Tank Davis vs. Ryan Garcia fight on April 22nd. Michael explains the reason behind the KO was a liver punch delivered by Tank. When recalls getting him in the liver several times in the past before stating how debilitating the blow can be, based on his experience. Moving along, the two men revisit the bet made between Tank Davis and Ryan Garcia regarding all of the earnings from the fights. Michael also explains the meaning of a "Re-Hydration" clause in professional boxing. 

Moving along, the Brooklyn native weighs in on the upcoming celebrity boxing/exhibition match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and an MMA fighter named John Gotti III. From there, the two men talk about Floyd Mayweather's last two legitimate fights on record with Andre Berto and Conor McGregor. This prompts Michael to state his belief that Floyd could still be a prominent professional boxer at the age of 46 because of his ring awareness and ability to re-strategize in the middle of a round. 

Later in the interview, Michael shares his thoughts on Pras being found guilty of an international conspiracy. He also looks back on co-starring in "Ringmaster" with the late Jerry Springfield in the late 90s. Lastly, Michael talks about the recent health scare involving Jamie Foxx. To hear more, scroll up and press play.
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