Michael Burry calls out sloppy journalism. Inadvertently highlights investing on 13D filings

Michael Burry has called out slightly sloppy journalism in relation to his put position on Tesla. In particular, he has noted that journalists reported a $530+ million bet against Tesla, when this figure pertains to the vlaue of the shares underlying his 8,010 puts, which, he suggests costs mere hundreds of thousands.

However, he has inadvertently made a more interesting point about 13D filings. Michael Burry's tweet raises the issue of whether investors can invest based on 13D filings and whether activist investors create value. I note the research on shareholder activisim and highlight that activist investors do appear to create value, and this might be investible if you invest quickly enough and strategically choose which companies to invest in.

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Time stamps:
* 0:00 Introduction
* 0:56 Michael Burry's tweets on 13D filings, and on journalism
* 4:25 Do 13D filings and shareholder activism create value
* 10:41 Considerations when investing on 13D filings
* 11:35 Concluding thoughts

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