MetricStream's GRC Platform

MetricStream products include risk management, regulatory compliance, audit and financial controls, IT and cyber security, third party risk, and environmental and social governance, all based on one single integrated platform.

Based on a cloud-native integrated platform our products are powered by robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics.

MetricStream products and platform enable real-time intelligence, interconnectedness, consistency, and collaboration across audit, risk, compliance, IT, and cyber security teams.

It also helps quantify risk exposure in monetary terms to prioritize investments and drives operational resilience.

MetricStream provides a quick time to value for our customers. It provides exceptional visibility through aggregated metrics, helps organizations analyze and prevent adverse risk incidents, minimizes the risk of compliance violations, and enables our customer to gain the confidence of regulators.

Recognized by top industry analysts as a market leader, MetricStream has been helping customers Thrive on Risk for more than 20 years.
Leading organizations around the world leverage our deep domain products, one integrated platform, agile product innovations and deep subject matter expertise, backed by a partner community, to help turn their risk into a strategic advantage.

Just like the tides, we cannot stop risks or threats. It is the nature of doing business.

We stand ready to take you on a bold journey – building a solid GRC foundation that becomes a catalyst to enable you to Thrive on Risk.

Gain the power to turn risk into a strategic advantage. Power what’s now – power what’s next.

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