Metadata for Research Data

Video recording of the webinar "Metadata for Research Data" that took place on February 2, 2022, 10:00 to 11:30, online, as part of the event series "Research Data Management in Austria".

Metadata and documentation of research data are key aspects of implementing the FAIR data principles. Metadata is information that describes an object and puts your research data into context. When used effectively, metadata help with (re)usability, discoverability, and storage of research results. What does this mean for your research practice and how can you describe your data?

This webinar provides an introduction to the definition and use of metadata in research data management. We will cover FAIR research data as a resource and demonstrate strategies to efficiently discover scientific datasets. We will further learn about creating metadata in a data repository and conclude the session by discussing DMP use cases.

1. Welcome
2. 05:59 Finding and Reusing Research Data – Jenny Ostrop (University of Bergen)
3. 21:14 How to Describe Your Data – Christoph Ladurner (Graz University of Technology)
4. 36:37 Metadata, Documentation and Data Management Plans – Elena Fürst and Tereza Kalová (University of Vienna, Vienna University Library)
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