Melissa Valentine: The Rise of the flash organization

This episode's guest on Stanford Engineering’s The Future of Everything podcast, management science and engineering professor Melissa Valentine studies a workplace phenomenon known as the flash organization. These ad hoc groups of experts are assembled online and exist only long enough to solve a particular problem—perhaps a week or few months at a time. As soon as the problem is solved, the flash org dissipates, and the participants get paid for their time and expertise. It’s a whole new way to work.

Join us for a look at the future of the gig economy on this episode of Stanford Engineering’s The Future of Everything podcast.

Special note: At the end of this episode, host Russ Altman, along with the entire production team of The Future of Everything, offer a tribute to our audio engineer, Ray Avila, who passed away in October of 2022. Ray's work was instrumental in making this podcast possible and his presence is sorely missed.
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