Mega Size Air Cooler: Deepcool Assassin IV CPU Cooler Review & Benchmarks

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The Deepcool Assassin IV CPU air cooler is one of the larger towers on the market, but primarily in one dimension -- it keeps the height in check by shoving a 140mm fan deeper into the cooler, allowing better side panel clearance. We tested the cooler with 2 vs. 3 fans, looking at push-pull vs. just pull (technically), and also benchmarked it against other mainstays like the Thermalright Peerless Assassin, Noctua NH-D15, and liquid coolers. The Assassin IV is one of the best air coolers we've tested recently, but it also bears a high price tag. This is a cooler that's sold on the grounds of quality, not value, and so we closely inspect build quality and ease-of-installation features.

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00:00 - A High-End Air Cooler
01:36 - Battle of Price
02:43 - Assassin IV Mechanical Design & Features
04:54 - Smart Concave Design
05:57 - Attention to Detail, Concerns, & Quality of Life
07:05 - Fan Whine Noise Sample & Spectragraph
08:35 - Thermal Testing: 200W at 100% Fan Speed
11:16 - VRM Thermals
11:58 - Noise-Normalized Thermal Benchmarks
12:59 - Pressure Testing
14:13 - Flatness Analysis
14:53 - Fan Compatibility Good & Bad
17:31 - Installation Process
19:42 - Mechanical Criticisms & Critiques
20:32 - Conclusion

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Mike Gaglione | Host, Testing
Video | Vitalii Makhnovets
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