Meet Dr Patrick Moore: Greenpeace co-founder who left the organisation hijacked by political left

Dr Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace, shares how he came to join the fledgling group that founded Greenpeace, the bold endeavours and significant victories obtained by the young organisation during its early years, and the details behind his decision to walk away from the organisation after 15 years of devoted involvement. Moore's comprehensive understanding of the Earth's geologic time scale and contextualisation of climate change, CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere and extreme weather events, among others, is solid and fascinating. A true environmentalist, Moore is a rare example of someone who placed his principles above all else.


00:00 Dr Patrick Moore on growing up in absolute wilderness
02:16 On doing a Bachelor of Science in Forestry and Biology, followed by a PhD in Ecology after getting certified
02:54 How joining a fledgling group of people whose aim was to stop nuclear testing began Greenpeace
04:38 On the efforts of Greenpeace leading to President Nixon's cancellation of future tests of nuclear weapons in Alaska, signifying the beginning of the environmental movement
04:58 On going against French atmospheric nuclear testing in the South Pacific
07:02 On Greenpeace's Save the Whales campaign in the 1970s and active campaigning against toxic waste
11:06 On Greenpeace being hijacked by the political left
12:06 On the separation of science from politics being absolutely essential
13:35 On his book, "Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom."
17:34 On the history of the temperature and CO2 on Earth
21:54 How human beings have increased the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere by about 50%
22:39 On human beings' capacity to be evil
24:05 On Net Zero
25:09 On where we would get CO2 from if the world were to abandon fossil fuels and adopt nuclear energy
27:19 On coral reefs and the myth that they are going to die if it gets too hot
28:17 How the consensus is bought and paid for
29:44 How scientists who disagree with the consensus are discredited
31:14 On the claim that extreme weather events evidence catastrophic climate change
33:26 On Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports
36:10 On his decision to walk away from Greenpeace
46:44 On the potential motivation driving climate alarmism
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