Meek's Stand Tall # 1-Set Your Foundation - Osteoporosis Management and Prevention Program

Join Susan Sanford, President/CEO of Vineyard Complementary Medicine as she introduces you to the Patterns of Postural Change©, Sara Meeks' original concept, based on observations and assessments in clinical practice, of what happens to the human body as we age.

The Meeks Method is a program designed to prevent, arrest and/or reverse this highly avoidable postural process that appears to be related to aging but actually occurs as we age but not because we age. For more information on the Meeks method, visit

VCM is a musculoskeletal rehab, physical therapy, sports medicine, and holistic health practice on the island of Martha's Vineyard, specializing in collaborative pain solutions, spinal alignment, functional movement training, and holistic healing. Services offered at VCM include physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, integrative structural alignment, therapeutic massage, and reiki.
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