Meditation To Remove Negativity | Day 7 of 9-Day Navratri Meditation Challenge | Gurudev

On the seventh day of Navratri, Mother Divine takes the form of Kaalaratri. She is one of the most ferocious and destructive forms of Durga Devi. Kaala means ‘time’ as well as ‘black’, and ratri means ‘night’. The Devi is worshipped as the destroyer of ignorance and remover of sorrow.
Ratri or night is that time of day that comforts us, as the day’s work is behind us. As it is a time of repose and rest, it brings relief to every living being – humans and animals.

Kaalaratri is the deep, dark energy that houses the infinite universe. It is that aspect of Mother Divine that is beyond the universe but brings solace to every heart and soul. So, when devotees pray to this Devi, they are blessed with peace, and a sense of reprieve from their troubles. Kaalaratri Devi also blesses her devotees with wisdom, as she takes them from darkness to light.

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