May Developer Roundtable – Combat and Adventuring with Adam

In this month's developer round table, we sat down with the Production Manager and Senior Game Designer Adam “Tehom” Mostel to discuss Combat and Adventuring in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

Below is a chaptering of the covered topics:

0:00 Intro
0:55 Update on the Perception System
6:23 Variation of Resurrection Spells
9:20 Durability hits on Death (2 questions)
11:22 Balancing Slope of Difficulty
13:25 Combat Improvement
18:17 Geography and Abilities
20:01 Perception’s Effect on Class Abilities
21:18 Corpse Locations and Summoning
24:14 Limited Action Set
27:21 Perception System and Puzzles
31:52 Repairing Gear
33:26 Classes and Balance Around Weaponry
36:36 Stopping Solo Boss Farming
39:27 Differentiators for Healers
42:03 Long Cooldown Class Abilities
44:12 Cleric Combat Capability
49:53 Casters and Melee Range
51:30 Casters and Weapon Skill Caps
52:35 Exploration and Experience Gain
53:14 Race Selection’s Effect on Classes
55:38 Race Selection’s Effect on Perception
56:22 Outro
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