May 18, 2022

Acquisitions of an establishment of recycling Company at Sango Otta, Ogun State for used and wasted
Aluminum, batteries and Tin Metal for manufacturing of Pure Lead Alloy Ingot, Aluminum Alloy Ingot and Tin Metals material for international export.

Mr. Olorunsegun Shittu, the Chief Business Strategist and Managing Director, I am an Enterprise risk culture specialist, i holds B.Sc. in Economics, M.Sc. in industrial
& financial Mathematics and MBA in Financial Management. Member of many professional bodies in Risk Management Practitioners, a forensic auditing and project management Practices.

Over the year's expertise experience with Nigerian Banking system and Mining industry sector.

I am instrumental to the whole process of the project, As a Risk expert, knowing full well that Risk Management has been instrumental in protecting business interests and
its environment whilst ensuring regulatory and compliance.

In recent days, as the
exposure's facing organizations has multiplied and growing increasingly complex, the risk functions has emerged as an important enterprise strategic and decision-making
process in any successful organization.

I am the leading economic capital implementation of the Projects in Nigeria.

Our staffs are qualified professional handling current technological in materials metallurgical engineering and project management, business development and finance
operations in the world.

The success story of Africa Synergy & Investment System Limited
continues with a vision of hard work, dedicated and qualified teams that are highly
professionalized background, vision and innovative skills.

The Company Africa Synergy and Investment System Limited has Acquisite an established recycling Company for used and wasted
Aluminum, batteries , coppers and Tin material as our secondary source of raw materials for manufacturing of Pure Lead Alloy Ingot, Aluminum Alloy Ingot, Copper and Tin Metals material for international market. with a clear vision that Nigeria has Mines of material resources in Lead ore, Iron ore,Tin ore, copper ore as our primary sources of raw materials.

Our Professional technical partners are source from India and Taiwan to Nigeria why our financial partners are source from Singapore and Germany. our finished products are exported to Singapore and Germany where we have the market for now..

The prices of our finished products are quoted in London stock market. We are a factor that
contributes to Nigeria GDP on export products.

As an investor we equally trade on funds to yields inflows to curtains Nigeria currency exposure.

I have my internet in the industrial services sectors.
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