Matter, the new Global Standard for the Smart Home, Debuts at the Amsterdam Launch Event

The Connectivity Standards Alliance’s Matter Launch Event showcased industry leaders and the first Matter products, showing adoption from silicon to storefront. In the month since Matter 1.0 was released, Matter momentum has continued to accelerate.

Members showcased their Matter products at a launch event in Amsterdam with a wide array of categories including motion blinds, occupancy sensors, weather devices, smart plugs, door locks, lighting, gateways, platform components, and Matter-based software applications. Since the release, 190 products have received certification or are in queue for testing and certification.

The transition from standards development to standards adoption is clearly accelerating, with 4,400 downloads of the new Matter specification since its release and 2,500 downloads of the Matter software development kit (SDK) from GitHub. With the launch of the Matter certification program for both hardware and software products, there are now eight authorized test labs in 16 locations across nine countries, making it easy to bring Matter products to life.
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