Master Class: Anatomy of a Cyber Claim

Cyber breaches are making headlines every day. And system integrators are on the front line of ‎defense when it comes to securing private company networks, cloud-based data and a host of ‎other key parts of their own and their clients’ cyber infrastructure. Yet what happens with the ‎unthinkable happens when you’ve been breached or – even worse – you’ve caused a breach?‎

During this presentation you will:‎
• Walk through the initial, multi-faceted, sometimes frightening steps of the claims process
• Experience crisis management without the crisis – public relations with employees, customers, ‎other stakeholders
• Learn how to mitigate the claims impact – compliance and notification, litigation, contract ‎issues
• Examine risk management – forensics and future prevention

If you're interested in making sure your enterprise is prepared to handle the aftermath of a ‎cyber breach, this presentation is for you.‎
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