Martin Kuppinger: The Future of IAM & Cybersecurity is Policy-Based

There are several sessions at this year’s EIC looking at the roles of policies in IAM, for modernizing and efficiency gains in IGA, for authentication and fraud detection, and for authorization. In his keynote, Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole Analysts, will take a broader perspective and look at why the future of IAM and cybersecurity must and will be policy-based. This involves policies in IGA, policies in cybersecurity, hierarchies of policies, policies for application developers and IaaS administrators, policies in Zero Trust, overcoming static entitlements, policies in the context of DID (decentralized identities), and other topics. He also will discuss what needs to be done where, such as Policy Governance, Data Governance, and Policy Lifecycle Management, and why the shift to policy-based approaches requires a multi-speed approach, with policies in new digital services coming faster than policies for modernizing legacy IAM.

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