Market Structure & Retail Trader Risks with David Lauer

Dave and I had a fascinating conversation on his time time in high frequency trading, testifying on market structure, crypto, monetary policy, and some cool technology he’s working on.

00:00 Introduction & David's Background
04:15 High Frequency Trading Overview & Evolution
09:33 HFT to Broader Roles & Market Impression
13:30 Market Complexity & Impacts
15:00 Testifying to Senate Banking Committee
17:52 FINRA Market Regulation Committee
20:40 Regulator Receptiveness to Change
23:45 David's 2021 Market Overview & Fed Monetary Policy
29:40 Inflation Levels & Fed Intervention
32:28 Risk Management for Traders
34:20 Cryptocurrency & Market Integration
40:54 Cryptocurrency Searching & Evaluation
45:00 JPow's Printer & Monetary Policy Experiment
49:15 Off Exchange Market Volume & The Threats to the Markets
58:30 Follow David @dlauer on Twitter and Checkout the Site he's Developing

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