Marcellus CCP Webinar – Studying the Holiday Schedule of Consistent Compounders Share Prices

Share prices of CCPs often go on a ‘holiday’ for 12-24 months, delivering weak or no returns. These ‘holiday’ periods of share price are typically uncorrelated with fundamentals because during such periods these companies continue implementing initiatives to enhance the sustainability of their competitive advantages. Once the ‘holiday’ period ends, share prices of CCPs deliver returns to catch up with their fundamentals. Given the disconnect with fundamentals, it is incredibly difficult to time the start and end of these ‘holiday periods’.
Hence, at Marcellus, we stay invested and buy more of these stocks during such periods of share price stagnation. This webinar will highlight examples of companies who have delivered impressive share price growth over the long term, despite their share prices going on ‘holidays’ from time to time.
Nestle, HDFC Bank and HDFC Life are some of the companies in our portfolio which are undergoing a ‘holiday’ period in their share prices over the past 12 months, despite the fundamentals of these companies continuing to surge ahead.
Save the date for our forthcoming CCP webinar where our fund management team will discuss their views on this topic in detail.
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