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In this video clip we have alarmed the farmers of Pakistan that after zinc and boron, Manganese deficiency is also reducing yield in loam and sandy loam soils. Additional use of Manganese products should also be added to balance wheat nutrition. Wheat crop when planted after soil preparation in moist conditions during middle of November is directed to be irrigated three weeks after planting in most cases. If earlier irrigation or heavy rainfall is followed during planting season, it may result into root suffocation leading to stress, reduced growth and this stress is more aggravated in case of salt affected and clayey soils.
First irrigation is one of the most important factor in determination of proper growth and development of wheat plants. It water is not managed properly at this stage, it might be harmful for the overall production of the crop. In this video, a comparison of some plants has been showed to describe the proper time of watering in wheat by seeing the root development of the plants. Before this stage, irrigation may become harmful and the plants my change their color. Irrigation management is a necessary step in production technology of wheat.
However, no ill effect is expected in sandy, loam soils and in case of crop planted through zero tillage technology. Therefore, 1 st irrigation should be applied 3 weeks after planting of wheat crop in most cases. Water management of wheat crop is an extremely important step in production technology of wheat crop.
Production technology of crops is turning to the efficient and economical use of fertilizers in the crops. Prices of fertilizers especially phosphorus and potash are increasing on a higher pace as compared to past few years. There is a need to counter this problem by introducing more efficient and precise method of application to save these precious nutrients essential for better growth and development of plants.
Proper and suitable irrigation is one of the major components of wheat production technology. Management of water can increase or decrease the yield of wheat crop. There are some areas under wheat cultivation where early irrigation may become harmful and can damage the wheat growth and development. Whereas, there are some types of soils that need very early watering. In this video, I have tried to discuss different important points regarding water management after sowing. Wheat may become under stress due to improper and wrong time of irrigation. Some plants may become yellow due to stress causing a loss of wheat yield. And using expensive fertilizers may not deliver desired results as obtained in case of smart and intelligent irrigation according to soil health and ground conditions.
It is seen that after the first irrigation in wheat crop, there is a sort of stress on wheat crop and growth of plants slows down for some period of time. This is caused by the flood irrigation in wheat crop. Technical reason of this negative impact is that when watering is done through flood irrigation method, water covers almost all the surface area of wheat field. This causes the expulsion of absorbed oxygen in the soil and there occurs a shortage of oxygen molecules in the soil of field that retards the growth and development of wheat plants and we feel a stress on the plants. This type of stress is more visible in the soils that do not absorb water quickly. It does not occur in bed planting.

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