Manam 3DBIA- Drone-Based bridge inspection and analysis

Manam 3DBIA SaaS platform is an online web platform developed for visual inspections of infrastructure. The system provides software tools to allocate easily thousands of bridges to the inspection firms, analyze and report on inspection data; support faster and cheaper inspections. Manam provides software-as-a-service (SaaS); that include training of bridge engineers to use the 3D studio bridge defects analyzers, cloud-based bridge inspection management module, share survey data and analysis results, rate bridge condition using ML/AI, predictive analytics (treatments, costs).

Key Features:
• 3D Studio-Professional bridge defect analysis
• AI/ML Defect Analysis- Anomaly detection
• Automatic Bridge defect report
• Timeline: Inspection history, cracks propagation analysis.
• Attach your geolocate raw/analysis In-depth NDT results (GPR, Ultrasonic, other) to elements.
• Decision tree- treatments, costs
• Integration with other BMS systems
• Parametric system- intuitive configure to client's needs
• Dynamic Dashboard & Reporting
• Support NBI protocols
• Reduce lane closures downtime to minimum
• Better safety for surveyors and road users

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