Managing welding projects in WeldTrace

This tutorial video will explain how to manage a project in WeldTrace.

WeldTrace is a comprehensive welding management software for fabricators.

This video covers:
- Menu structure in WeldTrace;
- Creating tags, drawings, weld mapping and dimension mark-up;
- Creating welds and managing them;
- Visual inspection and NDE;
- Pressure Testing and PWHT modules
- Recording results of inspection and NDE;
- Managing failed welds, defects, repair welds, penalty, tracer welds;
- Progressive sampling for ASME B31.3;
- Weld log and work packs;
- Welder continuity;
- Full traceability for each weld and history maintained for every change;
- Producing final project documentation - turnover pack, project data book, MDR;

There is an extensive material to learn WeldTrace in our Help Center - https://support.weldtrace.com/portal/en/kb.
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