Managing Urban Growth in Secondary Cities and Towns in Kenya

Episode 6 of the Series focussing on urban governance and how to get it right in managing urban growth in towns and cities in Kenya.

Show guest: Dennis Abuya is a Registered Physical Planner currently working with the County Government of Kiambu. He holds a Master’s Degree in Urban Management and a degree in Urban and Regional Planning - both from the University of Nairobi.

Listen or watch to understand:
* How Kiambu County is developing and changing in the spatial and socio-economic form.
* The development character and trends in rapidly urbanizing and emerging towns.
* If the growth of these towns followed any management guidelines and regulations.
* Current management challenges hindering sustainable growth of these towns.
* What the future is of these towns and what role urban authorities can play for sustainability and for tackling the challenges.
* How the County has worked with AKiRNA to negotiate and drive the region's present and future development?
* Foreseeable opportunities with well managed urban and peri-urbans areas.
* Kiambu County’s system to deliver better cities and towns.
* How the County is steering the development and growth of the region.
* Key priorities for growth in the next decade and how we will get there.
* Lessons learnt so far.
* How to resolve current glitches, for future resilience.
Inspiration drawn from other African towns and cities.

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