Managing Type 1 Diabetes with Automated Insulin Pump Therapy | Medtronic India

As a professional sportsperson diagnosed with type 1 diabetes since childhood, I always struggled with my sugar levels and hypoglycemia especially while playing cricket. Thanks to the automated insulin pump therapy from Medtronic, I am able to manage my diabetes smoothly and efficiently.
- Dhruv Thakkar (Type 1 Diabetes)

About the therapy:

Automated insulin pump is a device that automatically adjusts delivery of basal insulin & gives autocorrection boluses based on sensor glucose readings. This means that the pump gets glucose readings from the Sensor and transmitter automatically, and then delivers of a variable rate of insulin, 24 hours a day based on your personal needs. This integrated system – meaning having a pump and a CGM that speak to one another – can help to stabilize your glucose levels and reduce both highs and lows.
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