Managing People Podcast - Jan Bowen-Nielsen

Pete talks to Jan Bowen-Nielsen about his career from entertainer though engineer to CEO, his experiences, and all things on the topic of management.

00:00 - Free resources link
00:21 - Where it started
02:23 - First big job
04:05 - Engineering at university
06:02 - Moving into management
08:14 - Cultural differences
09:21 - Greatest challenges
12:03 - Claim to fame
14:20 - Global collaboration approach
16:22 - Good advice
19:00 - Creating a new company
21:22 - Different management styles
24:18 - Turning the company around
25:02 - New country, new opportunity
28:14 - Management style evolution
32:04 - Recommendations

You can find all the recommended people, websites and books from this episode on the People Managing Hub, a modest but powerful collection of tips, insights and resources to make you the best people manager you can be. All in plain language, with lots of practical suggestions:

Jan's site: https://www.janbowennielsen.com/
Jan’s company - https://www.quivermanagement.com/

Online learning and competency measurement for people managers - https://upskillpeople.com/managing-people/

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