Managing Operational Risk and Resilience in a dynamic environment | LEORON Institute

- Understand the drivers of digital transformation and its biggest challenges;
Understand how other political, economic and health trends are disrupting the banking industry;
- Get insight on how the measures introduced by prudential authorities worldwide and in the region ensure that the global banking system remains financially and operationally resilient;
- Understand how to develop and maintain the right operational risk management culture and attitude towards risk;
- Understand how modernizing the operational risk management framework is a hugely influential factor in the risk management process and in the effectiveness of risk management policies and actions;
- Understand how to leverage on the current data and resources to identify, manage and monitor risks inherent in digital transformation;
- Understand how building an agile operational risk management
governance structure will help shield the organization from the repercussions of the current crisis;
- Get insight on how to position the organization’s culture so that it best supports business objectives.
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