Managing Diabetes, Hypertension & CKD Review Course - Live Q&A

Overview of program, content, answering FAQs and live questions! (more FAQs written below)

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Does it have continuing education credit?
Not yet! My hope for all the products we make is that they’ll eventually get continuing education hours-- once we get feedback from this round, we’ll start the application process.

What time in the evening will the class meet?
Every Thursday for 6 weeks starting January 27th until March 3rd from 7 - 8:30pm EST. We’re planning on 90 minute classes each week, but it may only take 60 minutes to get through the material depending on the week’s content.

My work hours overlap in the evening, do I have to be there live? Can I watch the replays after the class ends?
Yep! After each live class it’ll be uploaded to the course website ( for access at any point.

How can I get my questions answered if I don’t attend live?
We’ll have the class recordings inside the course modules where you can leave comments and questions, moderated by myself and team! If there are lots of repeat questions, we’ll make an FAQ document for easy reference.

Does it include pediatrics? Acute care management? OB?
Unfortunately not! Just for adults in primary care.

Do you have a payment plan?
Not this time-- we’ll offer it in the future but it may or may not be part of a larger educational program at that time.

I’m a student, should I take this course?
I always say that most of the time students are overwhelmed or busy with their course loads to begin with, so adding additional continuing education may just stress you out. BUT, this likely will complement your grad school learnings well, so really up to what you think you can manage.

When will this be open again?
Honestly, we’re not sure! We’re working on a larger educational platform/product and it may only be available there next time-- we’ll have to wait and see how it goes. And for sure, if we offer it as a separate course again, the price will be higher. So if you want in, now’s the time!
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