Managing Cybersecurity Risk as Enterprise Risk

Cybersecurity incidents like ransomware can potentially bring operations to a standstill. Recent regulatory changes by the FTC and proposed changes by the SEC show that both agencies are drafting cybersecurity rules similar to ERM concepts. This would include board oversight of cybersecurity and the responsibility of senior management to implement cybersecurity policies and procedures and provide training for information security staff that is sufficient for them to address relevant security risks. In addition, this could mean that your organization may be required to report incidents and disclose cybersecurity policies and procedures.

Tune in to this ISACA Podcast episode to listen in as Cyber Defense Labs’ Manager of Cybersecurity Advisory Services Tom Schneider tells ISACA’s Jeff Champion that any threat to this essential information is an enterprise risk that needs to be managed by the enterprise through teamwork, with leadership from both the board and senior management. Tom also gives insights into managing cybersecurity risk as an enterprise risk.

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