Managing and growing your business in a challenging macro environment

Tony van Marken knows what it takes to climb a financial mountain, so how are successful start-ups managing under COVID-19? The managing partner of First Ascent Ventures explains why not all technology companies are suffering, why enterprise-oriented firms aren’t immune, and how they can adapt to the new normal.

Not all start-ups are created equal

van Marken points out that just because a start-up isn’t exposed directly to the consumer that doesn’t mean it isn’t exposed to uncertainty during COVID-19.

If you can survive this…

van Marken believes CEOs who can adapt to the pandemic will make their businesses more resilient in the good times, and more likely to accelerate their growth rates once we come out on the other side of the virus. Gérer et faire croître votre entreprise dans un contexte macroéconomique difficile
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