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During the transfer of an aircraft due to the sale or end of the lease, the lease return conditions suddenly become very important and we pay attention (maybe for the first time!) and whilst our wish “of course” is to return the aircraft as it is, this is usually not possible for a myriad of reasons.
Obviously, the primary concern of the lessee is to minimize any unnecessary expenditure, whereas the lessor is of course focused on positioning the aircraft in the best way possible to provide the maximum appeal to the next customer means to receive the aircraft in an as new condition.
This course is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of both aircraft finance and legal elements to support your understanding of Aircraft Lease Agreements and Maintenance Reserves fundamentals to help you navigate through the complexity of this subject.
To make the best organisational decision you should understand your options and how to benefit from the various leasing and financing schemes available for the acquisition of aircraft.

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Duration: equivalent to 3-day classroom training

Airline professionals who are focused ion the following business areas finance, fleet planning or aircraft remarketing, Professionals, Managers, and key staff from financial institutions with specific involvement in aircraft financing and Fleet acquisition technical persons with involvement in lease agreements and managing maintenance reserves.

General Awareness of the structure and functionality of the EASA Process is an advantage.

• Appreciate the roles and objectives of airlines, lessors, banks, and insurers in aircraft financing.
• Understand the role of leasing and financial markets in aircraft financing transactions.
• Understand the structure and format of Aircraft Leases.
• How to optimize the management of Maintenance Reserves.

1. General Introduction to EASA regulatory environment
2. Managing Continuing Airworthiness
3. Pre-Lease Considerations
4. Lease types and Options Full Wet, ACMI, Dry, Damp
5. Lease Terms & Costs Fixed, Variable, Direct, Maintenance & Invariable
6. The Role of Maintenance in Managing Asset Value
7. Monthly Cash Flow Forecasting
8. Technical and Financial Asset Management Considerations
9. Aircraft Financing and Leasing – Return on Investment
10. Asset Management and Residual Valuation
11. Maintenance Reserve (MR) Introduction and Overview
12. Maintenance Reserve Effective Management and Analysis
13. Challenges to effective MR management driven by contractual obligations
14. Managing Engines and Life Limited Parts (LLP)
15. Aircraft Delivery and Re-delivery Key Event Milestones and Timeline

Aircraft Lease Returns & In Services Considerations, TCH & STCH AD’s & SB's, Mods & Repairs, MPD – AMP Customisation. Aircraft Pre-Lease Planning. Lease Types and Options & The Role of Maintenance in Managing Aircraft Asset Value, Engine Maintenance Economics / Module / LLP, Maintenance Reserves. Aircraft Delivery and Redelivery Key Event Milestones and Timeline.

“Knowledge presented in course materials”
“The content has a good efficiency and useful”
“Mostly the explaining of the regulations was very good and easy to understand””

Number of questions: 12
Type of the exam: MCQ
Passing score: 70 pct
Certificate: Yes

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