Managing a concentrated stock portfolio in a passive investing world with Sean Emory

Managing a concentrated stock portfolio in passive investing world

The investing world is getting more and more passive. By 2026 to 2027 exchange traded funds will overtake active managed mutual funds in managing assets. This is a non-reversible trend.

Warren Buffett always recommends the non-professional investors to invest in a well diversified low cost index fund. But with the exception to hold your investments over a 30-year period.

Following the trend and Buffets recommendation you will achieve maximum average returns. But Investors who want to exceed average returns have to find better alternatives with different investment rules and mindsets. You have to break typical taught finance rules to find outstanding investment opportunities.

In today’s show we are talking to Sean Emory the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Avory & Company, an independent investment advisor with 350 MUSD under management. Sean and his team invest in just a handful of companies with long-term sustainable growth opportunities.

We will ask him about the advantages of being a professional stock picker in contrast to a passive, diversified ETF investor. Sean tells us why he believes a concentrated stock portfolio can outpace average market returns in the long run.

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Content Overview
00:00 Intro
02:56 Background Sean Emory at Avory & Company
05:55 Concentrated Stock Portfolio vs. Diversification
11:29 The J-Curve
17:27 Volatility as Part of the Game
22:35 Avory Stock Portfolio
29:17 Avory Vision
31:57 Bonus Question & Outro

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