Management strategy for wheat Rust and Aphid || Crop Reformer

Leaf Rust has been the most important disease of wheat crop and it has been inflicting heavy losses since previous two years. Wheat farmers are very cautious and vigilant against this disease. Fortunately, weather conditions are suitable for wheat crop and not conducive to leaf rust / yellow rust. Pesticide companies are suggesting their fungicides spray in wheat crop but according to our opinion, there is no need of fungicide spray during this year. However, early cultivated crop of especially in rice zone, bumper crop raised with heavy fertilizer, farmers involved in wheat competition and farmers who have grown rust susceptible genotypes like Galaxy-2013 have been recommended to manage one spray of fungicide before mid-February at booting stage and second spray after earing at the end of February.
An economical option for the prevention of wheat rust is the use fungicide named as Triadimefon, that is available in the market on a very economic and cheat price.
Presently, spot treatment of rust patches has been recommended. Potential fungicides have been suggested if needed during coming days.
1. Nativo (Bayer)
2. Amistar (Syngenta)
3. Pyrazole (Kanzo)
4. Topguard (Swat Agro)
5. Tilet (Syngenta)
6. Evito (Arysta)
7. Rally (FMC)

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