Management skills that help teams thrive | Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek, the bestselling author of Leaders Eat Last, shares a few key management skills for today's leaders.

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Managers can make or break a team, yet surprisingly, the majority of today’s business leaders haven’t received any formal management training. A report from CareerBuilder revealed that 58% of managers have never participated in management training.

Without access to quality training, many leaders are flying blind — and that can have a negative impact on every member of their department. In fact, a study from Gallup found that how an employee gets along with their manager accounts for at least 70% of their overall employee engagement score.

In this short clip from one of our most requested lessons for managers, Simon Sinek describes the process of creating a Circle of Safety within teams. Helping employees feel safe leads to greater levels of trust, admiration, and respect for their leaders.

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