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In this video, you'll learn how to develop team-building skills with Namrata Chawla. Namrata is a certified life coach, stress reliever, and team-builder, and she'll teach you how to create a dynamic and productive team environment.

Team building is an essential skill for any business or workplace. With Namrata's help, you'll learn how to create a team environment that is conducive to productivity and success. This video is a great way to improve your teambuilding skills and build a stronger foundation for teamwork in the future!

00:00- Introduction
00:21- Building teamwork is important
1:39- How to build teamwork
2:20- 3 essentials to develop team-working skills
2:56- Importance of communicating effectively
4:24- Conflict in the workplace
5:21- Effective feedback in the workplace
7:03- How to produce exceptional results
8:17- Foundation of a good team

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