Management of Pregnant Cows and Buffaloes| సుడి ఆవుల, గేదెల నిర్వహణ| Dr. Madan kumar Vet

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Scientific Care and Management of Pregnant Animals, Artificial Insemination and Pregnancy Diagnosis. In this expalined steps in taking care of Pregnant Cows and Buffaloes
I Dr. Madankumar, a Post Graduate Veterinarian( BVSc AH and MVSC) will be explaining How to Get Profits in Buffalo and Cow Dairy Farm Business in Telugu, How to run a Successful Buffalo and Cow Dairy Farm in Telugu, How to Start a Buffalo and Cow Dairy Farm and How to make Profit Buffalo and Cow Dairy Farm Business in my channel Dr. Madankumar Vet.
I also came across some Success Stories of Dairy Farming and Profits in Dairy Farming. I also visited an Ideal Dairy Farm with Organic Milk Production and a Successful Woman Entrepreneur in Dairy Farming. The Success Stories of Buffalo and Cow Dairy farming are many to notice.
I am asked by many Dairy Farmers of Telugu certain questions like How to Start a Buffalo and Cow Dairy Farm in Telugu and How to get Profits in Dairy Farm Business in Telugu.
keeping in view of above, I planned Videos on Practical Tips to get High Profits in Buffalo and Cow Dairy Farming.These will be uploaded periodically in this channel Dr. Madankumar Vet for Technical Information .
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