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In this video we will study about the report writing software in management information system.
What is a Report?
A Business report is a document that conveys specific information about your business to other individuals those can be investors, employees, managers or other superior.
Report Writing Software: It consist of programs that produce both periodic reports and specific reports.
1. Periodic Reports: They are routine reports on a scheduled time (periodically). These reports are issued weekly, quarterly, or annually. For example, feedback.
2. Specific Reports: They are type of unscheduled report that may be requested by managers.

00:00 - Intro
00:14 - Definition of Report
01:05 - Types of report writing
02:42 - Steps of writing a report
04:22 - Principles of writing a report
05:49 - Importance of writing a report
06:53 - Outro

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