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Hello Everyone, I'm your mentor throughout this course today In this video we will learn about E-Commerce technology.
The E-Commerce technologies which are used in businesses, few of them are listed below:
Some of the technologies as follow:
1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) : Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revealing valuable insights into customers preferences, which can guide marketing campaigns. It also can provide for the automation and transfer of data management operations to increase performance.
2. The Cloud: You will be hard-pressed to find a successful business that does not have at least one aspect of their business operations posted on the cloud. Managing and processing data in the cloud is essential for the instant access of data by anyone who need it, on any device.
3. Chatbots: Recognized for their customer satisfaction rates and widely scale availability, chatbots have pivoted from limited use in call centers to wide spread website applications.
4. Voice assistant: Not everyone searches for products and information via mouse and keyboard in the digital age. To accommodate these potential customers, businesses will need to adopt voice commerce using voice recognition technology and allowing customers to use voice commands to find and purchase products online.

00:00 - Intro
00:09 - What is E-Commerce Technology
00:22 - Types of E-Commerce Technologies
04:04 - Outro

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