Management Functions

The four management functions include planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Managers perform the management functions through using organizational resources to achieve organizational objectives through others, usually in teams. Planning is typically the starting point in the management process, and you should begin with a clear objective. Planning is the process of setting objectives and determining in advance exactly how the objectives will be met.

There is a relationship between planning and performance. So before we do anything, we should have an objective stating the end result and then develop a plan for how to complete it. Performance is based on how managers organize their resources. Organizing is the process of delegating and coordinating tasks and allocating resources to achieve objectives.

An important part of organizing, sometimes listed as a separate function, is staffing. Staffing is the process of selecting, training, and evaluating employees. The ability to lead is an important skill for everyone, especially for managers, because leadership contributes to organizational success. A survey found that 63% of companies screen new hires on the basis of leadership ability. Leading is the process of influencing employees to work toward achieving objectives. Managers must communicate the objectives to employees and motivate them to achieve those objectives by developing positive relationships.
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