Management Control - How to Improve It? - Management Control Systems

Did you know that it is possible to improve management control?

This video is an updated version of the video Management Control Systems that I published in 2014, with better quality of image and sound, and with a slightly different approach.

The 2014 video can be seen through the following link:

About the content:
This video presents the main problems of management control and offers three types of control to overcome them.
The main problems are:
- Lack of Direction
- Lack of Motivation
- Lack of Abilities
The types of controls are:
- Results Controls
- Action Controls
- Personnel Controls

About the references:
This video was based in the following bibliographic references:
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About acknowledgements:
Some pictures used in this video were downloaded from the Unsplash website and I would like to thank the following photographers:
- Marko Blažević
- Karolina Wv
- Sabrina Wendl
- Geran de Klerk
- Wynand van Poortvliet
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