It is an effective manner in an organization that is very important for efficient and successful business operations.
It helps the management in executing the basic business functions.
These functions include planning, organizing, motivating and controlling.
Consistent and effective communication is the backbone for any operations of the business.
It is an effective tool for the employer.
Effective communication assists the employer to be able to communicate interact with its employees and partners regarding the different aspects of the business operations of an organization.
It helps the employer to get things done from the employees.
Proper communication enables the management to seek methods and ways for the development of the organization.
There are always chances of having poor communication in the organization, irrespective of the size and scale of the company.
Issues in communication lead to hampering the operations and productivity of the organization.
It is vital to identify and recognize the issue in communication within the shortest time period.
Identification and recognizing the issues in communication will lead to optimization in the business operation.
Uber Technologies Inc. is a renowned transportation network dealing.
The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States.
It is operating in around 528 cities across the globe. The drivers use their own car or can also rent the cars for driving with Uber. Uber has been one of the highest shares in the economy.
The company operates, develops and markets Uber car food delivery and car transportation mobile apps.
Issue in communication
An initiative of launching quarterly magazine by Uber for its updating its partners on the developments and other aspects of the organization.
The magazine is called “Momentum”. It is published on print media.
Print media is obsolete in today’s age of fast-paced technology. However, the initiative would be much more effective if the updates regarding the developments, performances and other aspects could be communicated through an internal communication medium. The involvement of technology by using apps for the management, partners and employees would be greatly beneficial.
Theory of Semoitics school and Berlo’s model of communication find relevance in the issue in the communication of Uber.
Internal and external factors along with the domestic and international contextual factors have implications on the communication and the organizational structure of eth organization.
Effectiveness in communications to the partners by the management of Uber can be enhanced by including technological aspects such as apps meant only for the use of the management and the partners.
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