Management Accounting Part –18 (Cost Concept & Classification)

This video is for cost concept & classification management accounting Bangla tutorial class 1. Here we can know about the types of manufacturing cost, different types of manufacturing costs, 3 types of manufacturing cost. How we can find out the many types of manufacturing costs, types of manufacturing overhead costs, types of non-manufacturing costs, direct labor cost, direct labor cost accounting. What is a direct cost?

Which cost will be done directly with goods production and sell is called direct cost. Examples of direct labor cost is classified. When total goods cost is divided by the total production labor cost it is also known as direct labor cost per unit. It is also known as the Direct labor cost method, direct labor costs include. This chapter which name is cost concepts & classification which has the students of BBA-3rd year and MBA final year and also management 3rd year of accounting department preliminary. This subject also discussed management accounting, cost accounting topics.

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