Management Accounting, Chapter - 3// Part-1

We have found here two types of cost one is a variable costing method and the other one is an Absorption costing method.
Absorption costs are a mixing process of fixed costs and variable costs, and variable costs always go up and down, here not to come any fixed cost.

In this subject Management Accounting, we will discuss these two types of methods in this chapter. National University, M B A final year students have this subject and this chapter. Here we discuss Absorption Costing Bangla, Absorption Costing Direct Costing, a/c & d/c. Here we will find how to solve the problem of Absorption Costing Income Statement, Absorption and Variable Costing problems and solutions, Variable Costing Income Statement, Absorption Costing, and Direct Costing System, Absorption Costing and Direct Costing Income statements.
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